John Ryan, showing perfect form at Snowmass, CO.

Basic Navigation to find events on this web site:

- We use a monthly Calendar to display all events.

- Every major activity has an "Explanation" web page; most are listed in the Google Search page and two other web  pages, "What's Happening..." and "Find Everything" ...see links below...or go to the Calendarpage, and scroll the menu.

- Google Key Word Search is available: Google Key Word Search
(Examples:  "Western Trips" "Eastern Trips" "Tennis Party" "Join")

- To navigate to the Calendar now, click the EXPLORE button at the bottom of this page or click in any icon in the Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall header including the one at the top of this page and others.  

- When looking at the Calendar, click the name of the event in the date block to bring up complete event information.

- You can scroll month to month by using the drop-down "select box" for future months, or the "Prev" or "Next" arrows will navigate the screen forward and backward by month.  

- You can also place a check mark in one of activity boxes to filter/ only see activities in that area.  

- Finally, use "List All Events" in any month to see a chronological list of all events for that month.  

At the top of the next page, there are several help guides:
Help & Guide & Feedback Options (more detail on navigation)
Google Key Word Search
What's Happening? Activities Listed / Who To Call (All contact info for every activity, & how often activities are held)
Find Everything (Site Map) (all activity programs are listed)

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"Who We Are"

SCWDC is a large group of people who enjoy active life styles. We started as a ski club in 1936, then expanded into many other recreational, social and cultural activities. We have begun to use EventBrite and Meetup for methods to sign up and pay for events by "PayPal" and we continue look for ways that allow our members and interested guests to sign up for events, very easily. Guests are welcome in most of our events.  We set high standards for our events, select qualified leaders and train them well, solve problems if they occur, and deliver a quality experience. We seek feedback from our participants to see if we met their expectations.  We continue to serve our members and guests with this motto in mind, "Nobody Does It Better."


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