John Ryan, showing perfect form at Snowmass, CO.


500 Events Annually: 15 Western/International & 8 Eastern Ski Trips & Much More Than Skiing

Featured upcoming events:  
SCWDC Tropical Getaway Dance Party Jan 31

Aspen 2015 Ski Trip:  Mar 7-14, Last minute opening for 1 couple/friends/single person wanting a single supplement

South Lake Tahoe 2015 Ski Trip: Mar 14-21
1 full week/$1,021/& Southwest deals to be had..more info below

Trips With Openings
(click link to see info)

(click link to see info)
Year Round
click to see web pages,
events will be posted on the calendar)
(click to see web pages,
events will be posted on the calendar)

Mt. Bachelor, OR - BRSC 2015 
(Jan 31 - Mar 7) $1745 Lots of features incl. 6-of-6 day lift ticket, Complimentary daily deluxe Continental breakfast, Fly out of DCA

Ski Liberty One-Day SPE Instruction
(Jan 25)




Timberline Ski Weekend (Instruction)
(Jan 29-Feb 1)

Tennis Indoor Parties Tennis Outdoors

South Lake Tahoe 2015 (Mar 14-21) 
$1,021 w/o air; Southwest air deals to be had on-line possibly same flights as SCWDC group for a week of skiing.  Navigate to the event description by using the link above, to read full details.

Ski Liberty One-Day SPE (Instruction) February 8 $87

Biking Local - Lunch In Shirlington Ride




Winter Park 2015 (March 21-28)

$1,490 price, 6 openings, 5 day lift which includes Fresh Tracks" every day and 1 & 1/2 hour group lesson every day.  
Fly out of DCA.  Best value in SCWDC trips.

Sunday River (Instruction)
(Feb 22-27) $915
Snowshoe #2 Eastern Trip (price varies with lodging choice)


Young Professionals

TRIP OPENINGS FOR WESTERN: 2015 Western/International Ski Trip Status Board   

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The SCWDC calendar is current through April.  May and later events will be posted in late February, with two exceptions, events currently posted:

1.  2015 Bike Trip In The Loire Valley of France Dates are May 22 to May 31,
Click this link or navigate to the May calendar.

2.   Viking Rhine River Cruise - June & July 2015  Dates are June 29 to July 8.  This trip has just a few openings left.  Click this link or navigate to the June calendar. 

Repeating events: Sunday = Lunch in Shirlington Bike Ride, Monday = Indoor Volleyball, 3rd Thursday = Happy Hour,   Friday = Bowling, Saturday =  Hike, Tennis Party                                          

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"Who We Are"

SCWDC is a large group of people who enjoy active life styles. We started as a ski club in 1936, then expanded into many other recreational, social and cultural activities. We have begun to use EventBrite, Evite and Meetup for methods to sign up and pay for events by "PayPal" and we continue look for ways that allow our members and interested guests to sign up for events, very easily. Guests are welcome in most of our events.  We set high standards for our events, select qualified leaders and train them well, solve problems if they occur, and deliver a quality experience. We seek feedback from our participants to see if we met their expectations.  We continue to serve our members and guests with this motto in mind, "Nobody Does It Better."


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